Divine Design Oracle Readings

These readings blend
Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with psychic insight, guiding you how to own your multi-dimensional power!
This reading is for you if you are seeking a deeper connection with your own divine spirit and your personal destiny.

DO YOU KNOW what GALACTIC SIGNATURE energy you embody based ON THE GALACTIC CALENDAR? If so, do you feel connected to its power?

My Joy is in helping you truly own your unique Divine Design - Your Cosmic Identity! I am here to help you activate deeper connection to the wisdom, magic and power already encoded within you!

In these one-on-one sessions, I utilize codes of Galactic Dreamspell astrology, psychic insight, personal coaching, and methods of self-inquiry to help you awaken your multi-dimensional self, and access the power of your inherent Divinity.

Oracle readings are a personalized journey designed to uncover your highest truths, and also to support you in finding clarity to navigate the terrain of your current life path.

This manifests as the gift of clear-seeing, which leads to personal transformation and freedom.

Your Oracle Reading is based on first decoding your birthdate, and finding your Personal Galactic Signature.

There are 260 different possibilities, determined by where your birth-date aligns in the Galactic Tzolkin Matrix. We will examine the significances of your personal destiny energies and how they relate to your challenge, support, hidden, and guiding powers.

We will also look into your “destiny wavespell” – the specific 13 day cycle you are born under which influences your Divine Design. I will also help activate your connection to the Galactic energy you are living through this year, and forecast into your upcoming year!


Divine Design Oracle Readings are a 1-hour phone session, plus a 20-minute follow-up within 2 months!

Oracle Reading Set
Receive a 1-hour personal oracle reading for yourself and a 2nd 1-hour reading for yourself, or for a friend, family member or partner.

Continuing Coaching
Available for those who have already had a personal oracle reading and want to continue receiving personalized support! Four 30-minute phone sessions! 

I am honored to have been offering these galactic readings for over 25 years!

I am a White Resonant Mirror ~ Oracle & Spiritual Coach

My passion is to assist humanity in elevating our perceptions so that we can view our lives, our relationships, and our personal unfoldings in the context of this larger time of planetary transformation.

Let us awaken to the depths of who we truly are, our Cosmic Nature, that we may awaken to the New Earth and the flowering of human consciousness.

If you’re looking for answers to questions such as: Who am I, really? What do I want? What is my spiritual purpose? How can I find freedom from suffering? I offer myself as a Guide on your journey…

I am Intiana – Technician of the Sacred, Channel of Attunement.

My Bio

My joy is in working with people around the world to find clarity and own their inherent, Divine powers!

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