My Bio

I am Intiana – Technician of the Sacred, Channel of Attunement

“Love is my Master
Life is My Teacher
The World is My Playground.”
– Intiana


Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to studying spirituality from several lineages. I have spent more than half my life teaching and practicing Transcendental Meditation, certified in France, 1976, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a Kshatriya. I am a trained Polarity therapist. I am trained by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the art of Soul Retrieval, as well as drumming and journeying. I have a degree in Psychology from Marylhurst College. In 1991, I spent 3 years of intensive training with Earth Mission in Maui, Hawaii, activating the embodiment of visionary, inter-dimensional technologies. This training integrated the ability of loving one’s wholeness through investigating survival realities, structures of consciousness, “pictures of reality,” etc. The natural result of these processes is Following One’s Spirit Without Hesitation!

Concurrently, I indepthly studied the Course in Miracles. In 1993, I became a Flower of Life facilitator in Austin, Texas, certified by Drunvalo Melchizedek  in the Melchizedek Order of The Great White Brotherhood. In South America, I studied with Bolivian shaman, Chamalu, living in his conscious community of Janapacha (Paradise; Heaven on Earth).

Since 1995, I have avidly studied and shared The Galactic Calendar based on The Dreamspell teachings of Jose Arguelles. This time-science informs and inspires the Divine Design Oracle readings I have offered since that time.

For almost two decades I have ongoingly studied the non-dual Advaita Vedanta teachings of Ramana Maharishi, Ramesh Balsekar, Nisargadatta, Hanuman, Gangaji, and David Waldman.

In my journey, I was also initiatated into the “Ascension Attitudes” of the Ishaya tradition.

My most recent pilgrimage was to central Brazil where I stayed for 5 months in the spiritual community centered around the healings and teachings of John of God (Joao De Deus).

Currently, my life’s focus is on assisting others to determine what they really out of life and how to directly experience our true nature, free of the suffering of mental constructs. In this light, I am a practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie, as well as Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now material, as they are indisputable universal keys to freedom.


I am dedicated to the Exaltation of Humanity and the Birth of the New World Era. I hold the Vision and Prayer that we may meet the precious opportunities of these Times of Planetary Transformation, on Behalf of The Whole of Life.

I offer myself in Service to All who feel called to work with me :) 

“Intiana came into my life like a comet, 
and has been burning brightly ever since!”