“You can’t even begin to imagine how helpful your guidance has been. You have been a light in my time of darkness.”

“Talking to Intiana opened up an amazing portal. Thank you for being so helpful!”

“Intiana’s total commitment to spiritual truth brings healing.”

“I believe Intiana is a person of honor, honesty, and integrity – a wonderful spirit! My life is expanded by knowing her and what she teaches.” 


 “Intiana’s assistance has given me the courage to view my world through a more creative lens. The magic of ‘the now’ is the new canvas upon which I paint the life of my dreams.” 


“Intiana is a fount of wisdom and an angel of love. Her insights were absolutely amazing.”


“I felt illuminated and much
lighter after talking to Intiana.”


“Intiana – you really helped me on a really deep level of thinking in which I thought I couldn’t find any human understanding. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would have been without you.”


“Talking to Intiana is like talking to the Universal Wind because of her passion and commitment to God and Truth.”


“Talking with you, Intiana, energized me in such a way
that quickly connected me to my inner Self.”

“Intiana shines light upon shadows, dissolves fear, and awareness flowers.”